Quality management

In order to ensure the development of our company, we strive for excellence by setting ourselves ambitious targets relating to the quality of our products and services. During the project realization, we pay highest attention to:

  • comprehensive customer service
  • building and maintaining long-term partnership relations with customers and suppliers
  • cooperation with recognized research and development centers, suppliers of technical support and innovative solutions
  • continuous enhancement of products and services
  • efficient and effective management of available resources including: quality of materials used for production, proper allocation of our professionals to specific projects depending on their knowledge and experience

Our projects are realized in accordance with the quality management system that is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015-10, which has been confirmed with the certificate No. 46451/C/3 issued by IsoCert in 2017 (previously ISO 9001:2009 starting from 2012). 

The quality policy ruling in Certus is well known to all employees, who accept it and implement its regulations while performing their regular duties, whereas the quality management system adopted by the company is regularly reviewed (internally and externally) in order to verify its relevance and identify potential areas for further improvement.