Welcome to Certus

We are a manufacturing company delivering highest quality services and solutions in the field of industrial production.

Certus, in the current legal form, was established in 2008, which was a key decision in the consolidation of experience gained till that moment and unlocking the potential of the private company operating in the same industry for more than 25 years.

Since then, we have successfully completed numerous projects for both domestic and foreign customers earning their trust and consequently building our brand and reputation.


We build our reputation and strength of our customers by creating innovative solutions based on continuous investment in new technology and team of highly skilled specialists.

Tadeusz Spyra, founder, Vice President of the Management Board
  • More than 90% recurring customers

    We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers as we believe that their satisfaction leads to long-term cooperation for the mutual benefit of both business partners.


The company is located in the southern Poland, in Olkusz. The production halls and administrative offices occupy 3,880 m2 spread on the area of about 2.18 hectares.

Currently we employ a team of approximately 100 highly skilled and experienced engineers, professionals and technical workers involved in the realization of specialized projects.

For the last 3 years, we carried out a comprehensive investment program, which enabled us to extend our production capabilities. It has already contributed to the rapid development of our business. However, as we do not want to rest on laurels, we continuously observe the emerging technological innovations and consider their implementation to stay ahead of our competitors.


  • Why Certus ?

    We believe that nobody has such a comprehensive offer on the market. In a short time, we are able to manufacture machine and device components, as well as complete specialized devices with rare technical parameters, which also feature precision, aesthetics and highly appreciated in mass production – repeatability.



Our strategic goal is to ensure highest quality of our products accompanied with highest standards of customers service. The customer service process is carried out in accordance with the implemented restrictive quality control procedures. The verification performed by our customers’ control quality and procurement departments confirms over 98% compliance of deliveries with order terms.



Our business relationships are based on a partnership, which we consider to be a key aspect of building trust and stable, long-term relationship. We believe that close relationships with our customers are crucial for mutual benefit of both business partners in the long-term.


Team and professionalism

We employ a team of highly experienced engineers, professionals and technical workers with high-class expertise and a thorough knowledge of the industry.


Technology and innovation

By using modern and continuously extended machinery, in response to customers requirements, we are able to offer innovative solutions, as well as to ensure adequate production facilities for proper realization of orders.



We are located nearby major communication hubs: railway traction, national road No. 94, express road No. S1 and the highway No. A4. In addition, the Euroterminal is located in Sławków, about 10 km away from our plant.