Bending of metal sheets and profiles is based on two CNC hydraulic press with a pressing force of 160 tons to 440 tons and a working length of up to 7,000 mm.

Tandem press brake LVD 220/35 Plus, acquired in 2013, offers a bending length of 7,000 mm, which is a unique characteristic on the market, and significantly increased the maximum size of processed items.

The machines ensure precise bending angle directly from the first element. They provide very high precision and guarantee full repeatability of bending operations.

Tandem press brake CNC - LVD PPEB 220/35 Plus

  • The tandem solution enables flexible configuration of bending up to 7,000 mm wide
  • High efficiency and flexibility due to pressing force up to 440 tons

Tandem press brake CNC - Durma AD-R 40175

  • Press for bending of medium-size elements up to 3,000 mm
  • Pressing force up to 175 tons