Powder coating and abrasive blasting

In 2011, we launched a semi-automatic powder coating line, computer controlled with full surface treatment process, continuous transportation, clean-room coating chamber and drying room.

We adopt different painting technology tailored to the customer’s specific requirement using, among others: epoxy paints, polyester paints, polyester-epoxy paints and epoxy-polyurethane system.

We specialize in painting elements used in aggressive corrosive environments.

Abrasive blasting chamber - SciTeex Cabilux

The dimensions of the abrasive blasting chamber are following:

  • 3,600 x 3,600 x 7,000 mm
  • Abrasive material – broken steel grit and corundum
  • Air conditioning and dedusting system in the blasting chamber that meets the requirements of the new technology, consisting of two compressor stations with filters (Kaeser ASK 32 T, 72 T BSD Kaeser, Kaeser KMM6)

Powder coating line - Euroimpianti

Powder coating line Euroimpianti type Euro-Car comprising the following segments:

  • chamber for the application of paints for elements with max. length of 7,000 mm (dimensions of the chamber: 2,700 x 3,800 x 5,700 mm plus extension)
  • furnace for paint polymerization - dimensions: 2,400 x 2,600 x 5,300 mm
  • double automatic carrier 200 kg/each and a host spacing of 0.8 m

Powder coating line is supported with air conditioning and dedusting systems together with the chimney’s system.