Design and production of the prototypes requires well-trained staff and adequate universal production equipment. We meet both requirements by employing engineers with many years of production experience and possessing technologically advanced machinery.

At the stage of selecting the manufacturing technology, we use computer modeling techniques, and we perform them using AutoCAD and Solid Edge software.

Once the prototype meets all client’s requirements, we launch the mass production. In order to produce thousand copies of any device, it is necessary to define the production process first, which should be splitted into several stages. At this stage, we design the production process itself.

Often it is also necessary to prepare special machinery designed especially for the device in question. Some elements of the prototype must be adapted to the technological requirements related to the mass product.

We are supported with the experience and results of studies performed by famous domestic research centers while working on preparation of prototypes. Recently, we have worked with, among others, Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Association of Anticorrosion.