Oxygen and plasma cutting

The process of precision cutting of sheet metal or pipes, depending on the specifics of the project, is performed by oxygen or plasma cutting.

The CNC Eckert Szafir cutter is used for this. Thanks to the wide range of applications – oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, plasma routing, beveling / chamfering – it is a universal tool that is able to meet the highest expectations.

  • Cutting width 2000 mm + 700 mm

  • Basic working length 6000 mm

  • Positioning speed 25.000 mm/min

  • Cutting thickness up to 200 mm

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is performed using the HD3000 support allowing full use of the capabilities of modern plasma torches. The solution of drive and bottom bracket in the Z axis (up-down movement) thanks to the use of ball-screw gear and high-speed servo drive allows dynamically and precisely control the height of the torch over the cut material, guaranteeing the highest quality parameters of the cut edge and piercing. The HyPerformance HPR400XD aggregate is responsible for generating the plasma stream.

The main advantages of plasma cutting include:

  • High cutting speed

  • Cutting without heating - fast piercing

  • Narrow heat influence zone - relatively low temperature effect on the whole material due to high speeds and narrow temperature effect

  • Small cutting gap

  • The possibility of cutting without burning over thin materials

Oxygen cutting

Oxygen cutting for material up to 200 mm thick is performed using the support of EH200S together with an oxygen burner HARRIS . The distance between the torch and the workpiece is adjusted manually from the controller. Z-axis positioning range = 200 mm (up and down movement). Harris burners are characterized by exceptional oxygen saving and allow to obtain high-quality edges in the entire cross-section of possible thicknesses.

The main advantages of oxygen cutting include:

  • Very large thickness range of cut materials

  • The possibility of cutting at different angles

Pipe cutting

In addition, the ESR 300 system operating in the cutting area extends the possibilities of using power cutters with the additional function of cutting pipes. The portal through a special extension allows free movement of the plasma or oxygen support over the rotor, which controls the movement of the pipe. The turntable is equipped with a special gear with a rotary head that allows cutting pipes with a diameter of 50-300 mm. and 2 supports provide the possibility of stabilizing long or heavy pipes.